Body and Soul of Lighthouse Point offers hair salon services in Deerfield Beach, Lighthouse Point and Pompano Beach. They also provide nails salon services, massage therapy, wellness center and day spa services. Each service has many options to fit your needs and desires. Call 954-784-5505 to learn more or schedule today!

Hair Salon in Deerfield Beach

Just about every person that has ever had a professional haircut, has experienced a hair salon that they were not happy with, for whatever reason. Bad cuts happen, sometimes not intentionally or because of lack of skills. Maybe the communication is poor, or the style wanted does not work with that person’s hair, or their hair is not healthy enough for the style they chose. Here at Body and Soul Hair Salon in Deerfield Beach, we pride ourselves on having amazing stylists that work personally with each client, to ensure that the look or style they want will be as perfect as humanly possible. Honesty is a huge factor in any relationship. A great hair salon has honest, compassionate stylists who will tell you if a style will not work with your hair, or if you need to work on hair health first.

Hair Extensions in Deerfield Beach

Hair extensions can be tricky business. They can be professionally installed, high quality and look stunning. But they can also be a terrible experience or do massive damage to your hair. At Body and Soul Body and Soul of Lighthouse Point, our stylists are highly trained to create a gorgeous, healthy style for you with quality extensions that will work for you for as long as possible. Creating a natural, or bold style is the key so that you are more than satisfied with your extensions. You expect to have healthy, high quality results and we are here to serve you in every way.

Hair Treatments in Deerfield Beach

Most people have gone through life experiences that can cause their hair to be less than optimum. It could be pregnancy, illness, or even neglect. Life influences our hair. No matter what the reason or the condition of your hair, our professionals at Body and Soul Hair Salon in Deerfield Beach have a hair treatment that will work for you. Personalized care and service are just how we treat every single client, because that is just who we are. There are many hair treatment options for you and your stylist to choose from that will be the most beneficial to you.

Deerfield Beach Stylish Haircuts

There is an unlimited amount of reasons for a new stylish haircut. The season just changed, you got a new job, a new partner, or it’s your birthday; these are all perfectly great reasons for a stylish haircut. The stylists are Body and Soul of Lighthouse Point can offer you a myriad of stylish cuts that will look amazing and work perfectly with your hair type.


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