You may have noticed the past few times you stopped at the salon to get a manicure, that individuals are getting more than just typical monochromatic acrylic added to their nails. The days of simple color painted nails are out the window and long gone. People are getting creative. At Body and Soul of Lighthouse Point Aveda Salon & Spa, we strive in providing excellent nail care that will leave you feeling more than satisfied. You find yourself no longer needing to Google the phrase “nail salon near me.”


Times Are Changing

Ever since crazy nail colors such as neon tangerine and steel gray have hit the marker, the world of nails turned upside down. Nails have never been so high profile in fashion and in popular culture. This is thanks to the new generation of young women using nail polish to express their individuality. They express their fashion savvy, creativity, and even their humor. Indulge and take it all in. This is a fashion trend everyone needs to take advantage of. Our true experience grants us the best “nail salon near me.”


Nail Art Is The Way To Go

Thanks to smaller local salons, the business of painting and gluing designs and tiny jewels onto nails often lengthened with extensions to create a larger canvas, has rapidly become a big business. Even celebrities like Rihanna and Katy Perry are sporting these crazy, yet awesome manicures.


Everyone loves a good trip to a day spa or salon. It is a place to where a person can unwind and treat themselves to a nice, long, relaxing beauty or cosmetic treatment after a stressful week or rigorous day. Why not make it fun? A nail spa who is willing to get out of the comfort zone and decorate your nails with unique art designs are the ones to trust. The designs can range from painting pictures on the nails to applying small details such as jewels.


This is why nail art designs have become such a popular beauty trend recently, and why many are flocking to day spas and salons to get nail art designs done by professionals with their manicures or pedicures. It adds to the fun and relaxing day spa treatment experience and makes for a great “nail selfie” on Instagram.


Contact Us Today

Project your individuality and stray far from a basic french tip with nail art. At Lighthouse Point, we have nail technicians who are specifically trained to provide you the best nail designs you can possibly want. Our mission at Body and Soul of Lighthouse Point Salon and Spa is to enhance and refine the natural beauty you desire and to guide you through the quality services you deserve. We value your precious time, and we are committed to offering our guests a luxury experience. Call us today to make an appointment and get your journey started. Do not hesitate to let us know how to make your experience more special. We are the best selection when it comes to a “nail salon near me.”